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  A recent study by insurance companies revealed that people in Massachusetts who were injured in an accident were the most likely to consult with an attorney. BUT STARTLINGLY, THAT SAME STUDY SHOWED THAT SOUTH DAKOTANS WHO WERE INJURED IN AN ACCIDENT WERE THE LEAST LIKELY PEOPLE IN THE NATION TO CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY AFTER THEY HAD BEEN INJURED.

When you are injured, the insurance claims adjusters that you will be dealing with are professionals with experience in settling claims. The insurance companies that they represent have attorneys on staff working for them. They are protecting the rights of the other person’s insurance company. WHO IS PROTECTING YOU?

Are your rights being protected in the event that you are injured? How do you know if you do not consult an attorney? Laws limit the amount of time that you have to commence a lawsuit. If you are injured, please consider the law firm of LARSON & NIPE, with convenient offices at 200 E. 5th Ave., Mitchell SD 57301 and at 205 S. Dumont Ave., Woonsocket, SD 57385, and by appointment in Madison, SD.

When you have been injured in an accident, you want to concentrate on healing yourself. You don’t want to be bothered with medical bills and other headaches. You want to be compensated for your injuries, your pain and suffering, your lost wages, your medical expenses, and other unexpected expenses that arise when you are injured. LARSON & NIPE CAN HELP.

WE ACCEPT PERSONAL INJURY CASES ON A PERCENTAGE OF RECOVERY BASIS (before costs are deducted). There will probably be costs of the action that you still need to pay, such as the cost of obtaining medical records, BUT IN THE EVENT THAT YOU DO NOT RECOVER ANY DAMAGES, YOU DO NOT OWE ANY ATTORNEY’S FEES. In addition, the first consultation with us regarding a personal injury action is free.


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